Walter Echo-Hawk

A new film about Walter Echo-Hawk, produced and directed by Sterlin Harjo (Seminole/Creek) ( Native American filmmaker. ENJOY!


Painting of Sterlin Harjo by Bunky Echo-Hawk

Realizing International Indigenous Rights in Domestic Law

Lewis & Clark Law School Webinar (2015)

NAGPRA Lecture: Role of the Pawnee Nation in Advocating for this Landmark Legislation

A lecture at the Pawnee Nation.

"Indigenous Habitat" -- lecture at NWIC (2016)

"Indigenous Habitat, Health & Wellbeing," a lecture for indigenous scholars at NW Indian College.

"A National Land and Sea Ethic"

PSA comments on "A National Land & Sea Ethic"

"The Need for an American Land Ethic" with Walter Echo-Hawk

Keynote lecture on the environment at WSU and Thomas S. Foley Institute.

"A Nation Possessed"

Keynote, Public Lands Foundation symposium.

Keynote Address, Free Prior Informed Consent Conference

Free Prior Informed Consent Conference at CU Law School

"Fact or Fiction: The United States Courts' Use of History to Shape Native Law Jurisprudence"

Panel Presentation at the National Museum of the American Indian's Ponca Celebration.

An Evening with Walter Echo-Hawk

Book Lecture at Portland State University


"Indigenous Peoples & the Enduring Impact of the Doctrine of Discovery"

A speech given at UC Davis, May 2, 2013.

BOOK TV: Walter Echo-Hawk, "In The Light Of Justice"

A book lecture at ASU Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law filmed by C-Span's Book TV.

Canadian Seminar: Doctrine of Discovery

Canadian Seminar: Doctrine of Discovery

"The Making of NAGPRA"

A documentary about the Native American repatriation movement leading to the passage of NAGPRA; and reflections on that landmark law 20 years later.

Book Lecture at WVU (2013)

"In The Courts of the Conqueror"


Poster painting by Bunky Echo-Hawk

Indigenous Rights Course, TU College of Law

"Course Description"

Rise of Indigenous Human Rights course, TU College of Law

"Course Description"

TU College of Law's MJIL Program

"Comments on the MJIL Program"