Upcoming Events

Thursday September 28th, 2017

Student Union, Chadron State Colleg, Chadron, NE

07:30pm to 08:30pm

Plister Lecture, keynote for Mari Sandoz Heritage Society Conference (2017) on "The Nebraska Sesquicentennial and the Future."

Recent Press

November, 2016
Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma Files Suit to Protect Lands and Water From Illegal Gas Drilling
Turtle Talk
November, 2016
Pawnee Nation and Walter Echo-Hawk Sue over Fracking
The Wichitan
November, 2016
"Echo-Hawk Educates Audience"
Indian Country Today
February, 2015
"Echo-Hawk Teaches Law at Lewis & Clark"
Indian Country Today
October, 2014
"Walter Echo-Hawk Receives Human Rights Honor by International Organization"
The Daily Evergreen
September, 2014
"Building a Better Pathway to Progress," by Andrew Braddock
In These Times
April, 2014
"Think Globally, Act Tribally" by Walter Echo-Hawk
University of Arizona Indigenous Governance Database
April, 2014
"Walter Echo-Hawk: In The Light of Justice" video lecture, with S. James Anaya.
Red Truck Review: A Journal of American Southern Literature and Culture
March, 2014
"Interview with Walter Echo-Hawk" by Amy Wilson
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
January, 2014
"Self-Determination, Not Termination" by Walter Echo-Hawk, a study on American Indian activism (1950-present).
University of Arizona
December, 2013
"IN THE LIGHT OF JUSTICE" Book Lecture video at University of Arizona School of Law
Indian Country Today
November, 2013
"Laws Needed to Enforce U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples," by Carol Berry
Wyoming Public Media
October, 2013
RADIO BROADCAST: "Walter Echo-Hawk on Human Rights in Native America"
Indian Country Today
August, 2013
"Walter Echo-Hawk Shines a Light for Justice, Human Rights, in Native America," by Kevin Taylor
The Maine Campus
April, 2013
"Echo-Hawk leads discussion by panel of Wabanaki respondents" by Eric Berard
Bangor Daily News
March, 2013
"Native American lawyer, author says Maine's indigenous peoples at crossroads" by Dawn Gagnon. (featuring LIVE VIDEO)
Indiana Daily Student
March, 2013
"Attorney Reveals Cultural Issues"
UWA College of Law Webcast Site
February, 2013
"The Rise of Human Rights in Native America" -- a LIVE BROADCAST of Walter Echo-Hawk's 2013 McDougall Law Lecture.
State Magazine (Fall 2012)
August, 2012
"Walter Echo-Hawk II, Fighter for Justice," by Janet Varum
Native American Times
May, 2012
"U.N. investigator visits Tulsa, hears tribal concerns" by Dana Attocknie
Tulsa World
May, 2012
"U.N. Official, tribal leaders meet on U.S. Indian Policy," by Michael Overall
Vanguard Press (PSU Publication)
May, 2012
"Native soldier, legal scholar"
Cherokee Phoenix
April, 2012
"Echo-Hawk Discusses Ten Worst Indian Cases"
The Spectator
March, 2012
"Speaker addresses injustice against native peoples" by Grace Stetson
Osage News
December, 2011
"Walter Echo-Hawk asks ON Congress to help expand TU Indian law program"
Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education
November, 2011
Book Review: "In The Courts of the Conqueror" by Michael W. Simpson
Ka Moi
October, 2011
"Walter Echo-Hawk lecture on Native Peoples' rights"
October, 2011
"Walter Echo-Hawk (Pawnee) - Native American Rights," a one-hour radio interview by Brenda Golden, Red Town Radio
Clicker - The International Television Guide
July, 2011
C-SPAN VIDEO LIBRARY, "Conversation with Susan Supernaw and Walter Echo-Hawk" (57:00). WATCH THIS EPISODE NOW.
The Pacifica AudioPort
July, 2011
INDIGENOUS POLITICS FROM NATIVE NEW ENGLAND AND BEYOND: WALTER ECHO-HAWK. "Walter Echo-Hawk discusses his new book." Radio interview by J. Kehaulani Kauanui.
News From Indian Country
June, 2011
"White Man's Burden, A Review of: In The Courts of the Conqueror: The 10 Worst Indian Law Cases Ever Decided," by Robert A. Yingst
The Southern Ute Drum
June, 2011
"Tribal museum workers meet for summit in Ignacio" by Ace Stryker
Char-Koosta News
May, 2011
"Walter Echo-Hawk visits Flathead Reservation" by Lailani Upham
Indian Country Today
March, 2011
"Walter Echo-Hawk on Supreme Court Failures" by Jack McNeel
Tulsa Business Journal
March, 2011
"They Proudly serve as Pawnee Nation Judges" by Ralph Shaefer
Tulsa World
February, 2011
"Indian Attorney Dedicated to Rights," by Nancy Hollingshead
Oklahoma Native Times Magazine
February, 2011
“Pawnee Lawyer goes to the courts for Native justice” by Dana Attocknie
January, 2011
“Walter Echo-Hawk truly a modern day Indian warrior” by J.D. Colbert
January, 2011
“Review: Walter Echo-Hawk tackles ’10 Worst Indian Law Cases’” by James Botsford
High Country News
November, 2010
“The dark side of Indian Law” by Debra Utacia Krol
Native American Times
September, 2010
“Echo-Hawk explains manifest injustice in new book” by Dana Attocknie
Ada Evening News
September, 2010
“Indigenous rights activist delivers lecture”
Klamath News
April, 2010
“Long-awaited Klamath Tribes Water Rights Trial Begins” by Taylor R. David
Tulsa People
September, 2009
"Preserving Culture" by Jane Zemel
Tulsa World
May, 2009
"People Spotlight: Walter R. Echo-Hawk, Jr." by Staff Reports
New York Times
April, 2009
“New Group Is Formed to Sponsor Native Arts” by Robin Pogrebin